Understanding Male Body Language

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Whether you want to know more about the way the body talks for personal or professional situations, reading male body language may allow you to understand the men in your life on a completely new level. Kris Rugsaken, of Ball University, in his article "Body-Speaks," states that studies show that roughly about 66 percent of our communication is actually done through gesture and posture. Words can be misleading, but the body never lies, right?

Positive Body Language

Smiling, eyebrow raising and preening are typically signs that a man notices you and wants to get your attention. Touching your arm or your back indicates interest, as well. If he is leaning in to you, he wants you to know that he is listening, but if he puts his hands in his pockets or on his hips, he is vying for your attention. The way that a man shakes your hand will also tell you much; if he shakes your hand firmly but not crushing, he feels that you are an equal. If his grip is less than firm, he is being polite, and treating you like a lady -- not a guy.

Negative Body Language

When a man averts his eyes or keeps his body contained in his own bubble, he may be bored or uninterested. If a man behaves this way to you but adjusts his body language when interacting with other women, he may see you as a friend rather than a lover. A tight jaw and crossed arms often indicate an unwillingness to communicate, while twitching, fidgeting or slouching may suggest nervousness.

Personality Indicators

Reading body language is not a perfect science. Not all signals are concrete, and the better you know the person you are communicating with, the better you will pick up on their non-verbal cues. An indicating factor that something is off is when he is acting differently than his normal behavior. Keep in mind, however, that many signals that we perceive as lying may actually just be signs of nervousness or anxiety.

Things to Keep In Mind

There are many cultural considerations to remember. For example, in the United States, it is perfectly normal for a man to cross his ankle across his knee, indicating that he is relaxed. In the Middle East, however, this is an insult because it is rude to show the sole of your shoe in that region. Also, remember to trust your instinct. Your "gut feeling" is actually your subconscious interpreting body language and telling you that something is off.