How to Get Respect From a Male Scorpio

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While astrology may not be a scientific approach to understanding human relationships, if you believe in the characteristics of common Zodiac signs, you may find it helpful to use different techniques when interacting with people of different signs. The Scorpio man is typically described as serious, traditional and determined. Gaining the respect of a typical male Scorpio, whether in the workplace or a romantic relationship, requires that you demonstrate integrity and a shared passion. But according to astrology, once you have his respect, he will be loyal and steadfast.

Step 1

Be capable and competent. Astrologically, the Scorpio man is extremely professional and skilled at whatever tasks he puts his mind to, and he expects the same of others. Earn a male Scorpio's respect in the workplace or in your social life by putting all your effort into the task at hand and performing it well.

Step 2

Demonstrate rigorous integrity and honesty. The male Scorpio is a "rule follower" and will not respect people who cut corners, tell "white" lies or deceive others.

Step 3

Remain faithful and true to your word. Whether in a business or a personal relationship, the Scorpio man will not respect someone who breaks a promise or shows disloyalty.

Step 4

Fight for what you want. Even if you disagree with a male Scorpio, don't back down from an argument about something for which you feel strongly. He may not see things your way, but he will respect your conviction.

Step 5

Play hard. Scorpios are competitive, whether in sports or other games. Gain a male Scorpio's respect by putting everything you have into any games you play.