Male Gestures That Indicate He Is Attracted

Alexa Miller/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Males make many movements and gestures to indicate they are attracted to others. Some of these gestures are quite obvious and can be easily identified. Others are much more subtle and are harder to detect. These signals and messages incorporate the whole body and involve eye movements, head movements, hand placement and body posture.

Eye Signals

When two people meet and the male looks into the other's eyes, he will often look away first to try to hide the fact that he is interested. More confident or dominant males will often hold a gaze with someone they are attracted to in order to convey the message that they like what they see and they want to dominate it. Shyer males may be unable to hold a gaze into the others' eyes for fear of them realizing that they are interested. When males first see someone that they are attracted to they have a tendency to cast their look from the head, over the body to the hip area and then back up again. Often the look will pause over the crotch region or chest area; these scans are usually done subconsciously.

Movements And Gestures

When meeting and communicating with someone he finds attractive, a male will often show small tics and involuntary gestures that give away true feelings. The hands of a male will often hang outside of his pockets in a way that looks as if he is pointing at his crotch. This is his subconscious way of saying he is available. Open hands with palms face up are also a message that suggests honesty and openness. Sometimes a male may want to hold the hand of the other person, but will instead brush dust from his coat or check his tie. Another sign of male attraction is the touching of his own face and head, such as brushing his hair or back, or scratching his cheek.

Body Positioning

Body positioning is often a good way to determine if a man is attracted to another person. The distance that the male places between him and the other person is a good indication of this. The closer the male gets the stronger the attraction message that he is sending. Leaning towards the other person is a way that males use to get closer; it is also a way for them to gauge the other person’s reaction. If the other person leans close as well then this may signify that they are also interested. If both parties are sitting down, the positioning of the male’s feet are also a giveaway as to what he wants to do. If his feet are pointing towards the other person then this means that he wants to stay and is interested in this situation progressing; if his feet point away, he may just want to leave.