How to Find a Good Country Boyfriend

by August Jackson J.D.

If you are looking for a good country boyfriend, you do not necessarily need to follow the men with the Southern accents. City boys do live in the South, and Yankees can live in the countryside. A better gauge to figure out if you’ve found yourself a country boy is to look at what he does for fun. Country boys enjoy the outdoors. They may be found fishing, hiking, camping or enjoying the company of animals. Many country boys are also good with their hands. You may catch them building things or fixing things on a regular basis.

Go where the county boys are. You will definitely find them outdoors. They may be seen hunting or playing a pickup sport. You need to be in their presence for them to notice you.

Flaunt your femininity. Once you are in the country boy’s presence and he notices you, you don’t want him to see you as one of the guys. Show him you enjoy being a girl. Boys are attracted to their opposites. Because most country boys are ultra-masculine in their behaviors, they are attracted to girls who are ultra-feminine.

Flaunt your femininity by accentuating your curves. Wear feminine outfits, including skirts and dresses. Boys love sundresses on women in the summer.

Let him show his interest in you. If you see a country boy you like, smile at him. If he comes over to talk to you, be receptive to his conversation. He does not have to ask you out on the first meeting, but if he does not ask you out in a reasonable time after meeting you, he simply is not interested. Do not ask him out. Country boys are hunters; they go after what they want. If he wants you, he will ask you out.

Let him ask you to be his girlfriend. If you date for a while, the next step will be for him to ask you to be his girlfriend. Don't ask him. He should want to claim you so that no one else can date you. If you accept his offer, make sure he has good manners, treats you well at all times and respects your boundaries.

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  • You may need to kiss many frogs to find your prince eventually.
  • Don't go after the first guy who gives you attention. Make sure he's a good country boy.

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