How to Dress Country Club Casual - Men

by Contributor ; Updated September 28, 2017

How to Dress Country Club Casual - Men. Though each country club has different standards, the following provides some general guidelines for casual club dressing. For more information, contact your club's concierge.

Items you will need

  • Men's Casual Pants
  • Men's Casual Tops
  • Men's Dress Belts
  • Men's Dress Shirts
  • Men's Dress Shoes
  • Men's Sandals
  • Mens' Dress Pants
  • Mens' Sweaters
  • Sports Coat
Step 1

Feel free to wear in the clubhouse whatever outfit you'd wear on the golf course or tennis courts: golf shirts, sneakers or even shorts are fine.

Step 2

Leave your tie at home for brunches, luncheons and casual dinners (before 7 p.m.); instead, go for a sport coat worn over a casual button-down shirt or golf shirt, paired with light cotton or gabardine trousers. You may even want to forget the sport coat as well.

Step 3

Observe a stricter dress code for dinners or events after 7 p.m. A sport coat will almost certainly be required, but not a tie. Shirts should be dressier and slacks should be of heavier fabrics in darker colors.

Step 4

Wear shoes appropriate to the time of year, time of day and occasion. Leather sandals and loafers are fine during the day, but dress shoes are best for evening events.


  • Men should always remove caps and hats when entering a room.