How to Get a Russian Girlfriend

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Getting a girlfriend requires looking in the right place, especially if you're seeking someone who has certain qualities, personality traits or nationality. For instance, if you want to meet Russian girls, you must consider several factors to find places where Russian girls go in your area. Although the Russian population in the U.S. fluctuates depending on the region, you can still find Russian girls by using the Internet.

Use the Internet or your local directory to discover if any Russian communities are near where you live. Once you find an area known for its Russian population, visit the area's clubs, bars, restaurants, movie theaters and shopping centers often. Russian girls will frequent these local places.

Visit any Russian restaurants or stores in your area. If these Russian places have a Facebook page, add them to your friends list and investigate if any Russian girls in your area frequent these places as well. If you see a Russian girl left a comment on one of these Facebook pages, add her as your friend and establish a conversation.

Use social networking platforms, such as MySpace and Facebook, to search for Russian girls in your area. When searching on these sites, simply specify the girl's nationality. Add Russian girls you'd like to get to know better to your friends list and establish a conversation with them. You can then determine if you would like to ask one out on a date.

Use dating websites such as, eHarmony and Zoosk to find Russian girls in your area. Just like social networking sites, dating sites enable you to search for girls by naming your preferred choices. When performing these searches, specify that you are looking for a Russian woman.