How to Meet Indian Girls

You can meet Indian girls in a variety of ways. If you're looking to start a relationship with an Indian girl, you should be up front about that. Indian girls that want a relationship will be happy about that and those that do not want a romantic relationship will appreciate your honesty. You may have to meet a lot of women to find the right one for you, but she'll be worth the wait.

Step 1

Join local groups that cater to the Indian community. If your city or town has a large Indian population, you should have no problem finding Indian girls. Look for groups that not only cater to the Indian community but also reflect your interests. For example, you may want to find a hiking or a cooking club.

Step 2

Use dating sites to meet people worldwide. People are no longer wary of using the Internet to find dates. You can use a site that attracts people all over the world, increasing your chances of meeting an Indian girl. Write back and forth before meeting to help you determine if there is any chemistry.

Step 3

Ask friends and family members to introduce you to Indian girls. Put out the word that you are looking for an Indian girlfriend and your friends and relatives may know someone who might make a good match.

Step 4

Consider an arranged marriage. If you are committed to marrying an Indian girl, you should think about this route. Some arranged marriages are conducted through letters (or emails) alone, and the couple doesn't meet before they become married. Place an ad in Indian newspapers or visit websites that foster arranged marriages.