How to Find a Person in Israel

by Laurie Rappeport

Israel’s tourist industry draws visitors from throughout the world. These visitors often include people who may have family members who moved to Israel at some point in the past or people whose families were separated by historical events. When visitors arrive in Israel, they often wish to find long-lost family members.

Telephone Directory

Open the site for Bezeq, the main telephone company in Israel.

Click on “People.”

Type in the person’s first and last name. Insert the name of the city where the person lives, if known.

Click “Search.” If the person has a Bezeq phone number, her contact information will appear.

Find Holocaust Survivors

Open the Yad VaShem Holocaust Memorial site (see Resources).

Type in the name of an individual who might have perished in the Holocaust. Type in the person's last known location.

Check to see if a Page of Testimony has been filled out in that person's name.

Look at the name of the person who filled out the Page of Testimony.

Ask for that person's contact information at the local Ministry of the Interior which maintains population databases. If the Ministry official sees the name of the Page of Testimony submitter, he can provide a searcher with the last known address.

Search Engine

Go to Israel's main search engine, Walla (see Resources).

Type in the name of the person whom you would like to find, in English or Hebrew.

Click on the green "Search" button for a list of findings from the Walla search engine. Identify the correct person.

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