Gift Ideas for a 30-Year-Old Female

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Giving gifts is one way to show a woman that you care about her. Regardless of the occasion, many 30-year-old women enjoy the same types of gifts. When in doubt, ask her what she needs or wants. You also can ask others around her, such as family members or friends. A card will be an appreciated addition to any gift.


A bouquet of flowers might be the perfect gift for a romantic 30-year-old woman. First, though, find out if she is allergic to any type of plant; then you can figure out what type of flowers to buy for her. Deliver them yourself, surprise her with them on your next date, or have the florist deliver them. One creative idea is to purchase one flower each of a variety of species. You can tell her you did not know which flower was her favorite, so you bought one of each.


Purchasing entertainment tickets for a 30-year-old woman is one way for you both to enjoy the gift--you both can attend the event. Make sure the event is something she will enjoy, such as her favorite play, artist or band. You also can purchase tickets for a sporting event or community event. Place the tickets in a greeting card, or surprise her by leaving them in her car.

Gift Cards

Although some people call gifts cards an "easy way out," many women enjoy the freedom. When purchasing a gift card for a 30-year-old woman, choose a store where she often shops. Some store ideas include: craft stores, department stores, apparel shops or restaurants. If you buy a restaurant gift card, you can take her out to dinner first, then give her the gift card while you are there.


Many 30-year-old women candles. Choose scented ones that will match the decor in her home. For example, if her living room is designed in brown colors, she might enjoy coffee or vanilla scents; if her living room is decorated in red, cinnamon might suffice. Try to find out what scents she enjoys most, and go from there. To make a bigger impression, purchase an elegant holder for the candle.


Age 30 is a milestone age, when many people are settling down and raising families. Consider spa gift certificates for a day of relaxation, a tree planted in the birthday girl's name or a collection of things that came out the year she were born; such as magazine issues, music, candy and movies.

Gag Gifts

A birthday party is a fine time to give gag gifts to the 30-year-old woman. Consider "over-the-hill" themed gifts such as cards, walking canes or diapers. Other ideas include "Happy Birthday" toilet paper, T-shirts with funny sayings or gift baskets with a variety of humorous items. Choose gag gifts that are humorous, but not offensive.