Birthday Gift Ideas for Eight Year Old Girls

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Selecting an age-appropriate gift for an 8-year-old girl can be challenging. Although she has outgrown the baby toys she once enjoyed, she is not yet mature enough for tween gifts. Taking an interest in her hobbies is a surefire way to find a gift that will delight her on her birthday. From dancewear to art supplies, there are a whole range of options to choose from once you have established her hobbies.


From playing an instrument, taking gymnastic lessons or attending dance classes, lots of 8-year-old girls partake in at least one extra curricular activity. Purchase a gift that relates to her hobby such as a new gym leotard, a bag to carry her dance shoes in or a gift certificate to a music store. Hobbies can become expensive so a gift that will help her indulge in her interests will be a welcomed one. If the gift is not for your daughter, ask her mom if there is a particular piece of equipment or item she needs.

Collection Gift

If she has already begun a collection then a birthday is the perfect opportunity to add to this. If she has not yet started a collection then help her to begin one. From animal-themed, interesting postcards or work by a children’s author, lots of little girls enjoy collecting items that are similar or related. If the items she collects are small, purchase a decorative keepsake box which can use to store her collection in.

Art Supplies

Many 8-year-old girls enjoy exploring their creative side. Put together a gift basket filled with arts and crafts materials. Glitter, colored card stock, tissue paper, child-safe scissors and glue are all staple supplies that she can use in a variety of ways. Include a kit that will enable her to make a particular item, such as a jewelry making kit or a basic knitting set. Having a project to work on will help her concentration and feel the satisfaction of completing a task she has set herself.


An 8-year-old has already established language and reading skills and is likely to have the ability to read fluently and independently. Encourage reading for pleasure by presenting her with a selection of age-appropriate books. Choose a classic that features the life or lives of young girls, such as "Little Women" or "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" that she may relate to. Alternatively, select novels by a modern day author such as J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books.