Gift Ideas for a Fifth Grade Girl

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Fifth grade girls become interested in a variety of activities as they grow older and their minds develop. There are a variety of leisure and educational gifts for 11-year-old girls available on the market. Inquire what type of personality the girl has before making a visit to your local toy store.


Video and board games are common gifts for fifth grade girls. The Nintendo DS and Wii offer a variety of games for young girls based on TV shows, computer games and movies. If they have many games and possess the console, consider purchasing accessories like controllers or charging stations. Nintendo points are another option. These cards can be used to redeem points to buy games and tools online through the Wii and DS. Purchase board games based on their favorite books or classics like "Connect 4," "Monopoly Junior" or "Sorry."


Craft kits are a good gift for fifth grade girls because there is a kit for any type of girl. Some kits are good for working on with friends, like jewelry kits, while others are perfect for doing on her own. Some examples include garden stones, jewelry boxes, oven mitts and knitting kits. Pick a kit based on the abilities of the child.


For fifth grade girls who are interested in science, purchase a Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) kit or butterfly-growing kit. Telescopes and microscopes are also good gift ideas because they are hands-on and designed for older children. Purchase books about constellations to go with the telescope so children know what to look for through the telescope.


Fifth grade girls are increasingly exposed to pop culture as they get older. This is the time where they may develop their first crush, so purchase posters, T-shirts or CDs of their favorite pop stars. Interest them in music by giving them instruments like drums or guitars and include paid lessons if possible.