Fun Things to Rent for Birthday Parties

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Having a few friends over for cake, ice cream and gift opening can be a good time. However, to really make a memorable experience for everyone involved at a birthday party, it might be worth it to rent some extra entertainment that will set your party apart from the average shindig. Party stores all across the country specialize in making a birthday party out of the ordinary by providing all types of accessories.

Inflatable Entertainment

Inflatable bouncers are an instant hit with children as they arrive to a birthday party. The multi-colored, and often quite large, objects are like a beacon that signals a good time.

Inflatable bouncers come in all shapes and sizes ranging from a medieval castle that kids crawl inside of and hop around to their heart’s content, to Velcro walls where kids can jump high and stick to the wall in midair, to giant slides they can climb to the top of and bounce and slide their way to the bottom. Local party stores will likely have a wide variety of options for bouncers.

Carnival Games and Food

Each year when the carnival or county fair comes around, the family often gets excited. The games and prizes are part of the reason they enjoy it so much. Bringing some of those activities to your own home can make a birthday party an even bigger success.

Many party stores rent carnival games. Depending on the time of year, you may want to get a dunking booth. If it’s not quite warm enough for dunking someone in water, there are lots of other options. Rented carnival games range from beanbag tosses to throwing a football through a target, fish bowl toss, skee ball and much more.

To add to the party atmosphere, make the snacking part of the entertainment.

Many fun food machines available for rent can make the party even better. Rent a popcorn machine like the ones found in movie theaters or on the carnival midway. Cotton candy machines are also a big hit with kids. In summer, give the guests a break from the heat by renting a snow cone machine.

Karaoke Machines

One item that will entertain people of all ages at a birthday party is a karaoke machine. Rent these machines by themselves or with a DJ who will come to the party and spin the tunes as well as encourage the shy ones to get on stage for big laughs. All the guests have to is pick a popular song, grab the microphone and watch the monitor for cues.

While there may be some people at the birthday party who can carry a tune, the best participants are often those who cannot. This activity gives the guests a chance to laugh with one another and at themselves, which will make the party even more fun.