Fun Ideas for Family Skits

With television and the Internet seeming to dominate our lives these days, it is useful for families to find ways to do something fun together, rather than separately disappearing into the digital world. One thing families can do is put on skits to entertain one another. There are many approaches to take to this.


One idea for a skits you can do is old fashioned slapstick of the kind done in silent films or many situation comedies of the '70s and '80s. For example, set up a situation in which someone accidentally gets hit by a pie and then let the situation evolve into a pie throwing extravaganza. Or have performers get into a fake argument and begin blasting each other with seltzer bottles (or water pistols).

Funny Play

Get the script for a short humorous play and put it on. Choose something that is actually set in a normal room for you don't need much in the way of props. Give everyone time to practice their lines. If they can't remember, if doesn't really hurt to let them read from their copy of the script during the play. It isn't the Globe Theater, you just want to be funny.

Funny Poems

Have family members get up and read humors poems. There are several poets such as Ogden Nash, Spike Milligan and Lewis Carroll that specialized in humorous poetry. One of the family could, for example, read Ogden Nash's "Crossing The Border" and the next person could read Lewis Carroll's "Jabberwocky."

Joke Festival

Hold a joke festival. Have each member of the family tell a number of jokes. Have them rehearse their delivering, since timing is everything in comedy. There are a number a books and online sites that have jokes that you and your kids can turn to. Just make sure that the kids go to sites you have approved, since you don't want them delivering risqué Vegas material to Grandma.