Toga Party Song List

The right music makes a toga party memorable. With flashbacks to "Animal House," guests make their outfits from bed sheets, place wreaths on their heads and sandals on their feet. They are ready to party. Music plays a large role as dancing is typically a part of the plan. When choosing the music, assure that it is appropriate for all guests. Some party tunes have adult lyrics and should not be included if younger persons attend.

Shout - The Isely Brothers

In the 1978 movie "Animal House," the Delta house's infamous toga party centered around the song "Shout" by The Isely Brothers. Originally written in the mid-1950s, the song was intended to be an audience participation song from the beginning. During the movie, the party attendees shout along with the band and act out the motions indicated with the lyrics. Imitate these same actions while the song plays to re-create the Delta house party feel. There are two versions of the song, originally released on a 45 rpm single. Side A was the popular version, while Side B, called "Part 2," and was a live version.

Twist and Shout - The Beatles

The infamous Beatles song "Twist and Shout" has been featured in party movies and played at toga parties since its release. Originally recorded in 1965, the shouting lyrics gave it an immediate party sound. Toga party-goers may find themselves singing along and imitating the movie "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" or "Back to School" featuring Rodney Dangerfield. Overall, the song is upbeat and the lyrics are simple, making it a song worthy of a toga party.

Surfin USA - The Beach Boys

One song that inspires people to do the swim dance is The Beach Boys' hit "Surfin USA." While getting wild and crazy during a toga party, guests enjoy mimicking riding a surf board, doing the monkey and swimming in the air to the song.

Louie, Louie - The Kingsmen

The 1960s hit song for The Kingsmen, "Louie, Louie" is a sort of cult classic for college fraternities. In as much, it is a staple song for many toga parties. The mumbled lyrics have lead to rumors about inappropriate words in the song, but in reality, it is an innocent song about a man missing a woman. The chorus of "Louie, Louie, oh no, said we gotta go, yeah yeah yeah yeah" is sure to be sung by all attending the party. This song turns into a game when party-goers are encouraged to make-up their own lyrics as the song plays. Much like an impromptu talent contest, guests sing what they believe the actual lyrics to be, or make-up outrageous ones to entertain.