Wording Ideas for a 5th Birthday

happy birthday image by Photoeyes from Fotolia.com

Word the birthday invitations to your five-year-old's birthday party in a way that excites guests and gives them a hint about the party theme. Invitations are the gateway to any party, as they are the first glimpse of the party that guests see. Play on words that include the theme of the party or the number five.

Simple Wording

Simple wording is straightforward and hassle-free. However, it's still important to cover the basics, such as whose birthday it is, the fact that it's her 5th birthday celebration and the party details. For example:

You're invited to Carlie's 5th birthday party!


Let's dance, jump and jive because Jessica's turning five!

Follow that with the date, time, location and RSVP information.

It's All About Five

Focus on the age of your child, as in the number 5. This will work with any theme or no theme at all. For example, Personalized Party Invites offers the following verse:

Soon he'll be grown, and learning how to drive, But for now let's celebrate Justin's turning five!

Or, NoteworthyNotes offers this verse:

My big day is coming, my big day is near Soon I'll be finishing my fifth year. Mom and Dad are having a party, they say it's for me. To make it even better, your smiling face we hope to see!

Dinosaur Theme

If your child's birthday is centered around a theme, incorporate that theme into the invitation wording. For a dinosaur-themed party, use words such as extinct, fossils and other dino-related words. For example, consider the following wording suggestion by Kids Birthday Party Guide:

Join Timmy for a 5th birthday dinosaur dig party. There's sure to be dino-mite food, games and fun! Don't be extinct! Please RSVP.

Princess or Fairytale Theme

If you're hosting a fairytale or princess party, use words and phrases that include pixie dust, happily ever after, once upon a time or other related terms. Announcingit.com offers the following verse:

Wishes do come true! Brenda Baker is celebrating her 5th birthday with a fairytale party.

Pirate Theme

Include pirate terms, such as booty or treasure, on the invitation for your five-year-old's pirate-themed birthday party. Announcingit.com offers the following verse:

Ahoy! There mates Ye all be invited fer some fun at the 5th birthday party of Pirate Shawn Collins!

Western Theme

Invitations for western, cowboy or cowgirl themes could include terms such as buckaroos, giddy up or wanted. For example, Polka Dot Paper Shop offers the following verse:

Howdy Partner! Get your boots on and get in gear We're having a party celebrating Sarah Jane's 5th year.

Pool Party

Pool parties require special wording, such as splashing or swimming, so guests will know they'll need their swim gear. If the wording isn't completely clear that swimming will be involved, add a short note asking guests to bring towels and swimwear. Personalized Party Invites offers the following:

Davie is turning five, so come on over to swim and dive! There will be ice cream, cake and our favorite treats, and the pool will help us beat the heat!