Gifts to Take to a Pool Party

David De Lossy/Photodisc/Getty Images

When you are going to a birthday pool party, bring a gift that coordinates with the theme of the party. Whether the party is for a child, a teenager or an adult, there are lots of appropriate gift items that will be perfect. It's also a good idea to bring a gift to the hostess of a pool party, so choose a pool-themed gift for her as well.

For Children

When you are shopping for a gift to bring to a poolside birthday party for a child, consider the types of items that most children like playing with by the pool. For example, bring a large float that is shaped like an animal, a floating basketball hoop or dive toys for children who are old enough to swim to the bottom of the pool.

For Teenagers

Teenagers like having fun in the pool just as much as children do, but they enjoy the pool in different ways. Give the teen a gift such as a bathing suit cover up that is monogrammed with her initials, or a gift basket filled with sunscreen, flip flops and sunglasses. You could also choose a CD player or speakers for her MP3 player so that she can play music by the pool.

For Adults

Poolside parties are not just for children. When an adult is having a pool party, consider bringing a gift basket filled with all the things needed to make a poolside cocktail, such as a margarita or a strawberry daiquiri. Adults who enjoy spending time by the pool would also likely enjoy a set of barbecue tools or a set of outdoor china they can use when they have an outdoor meal.

For the Hostess

It's a polite idea to bring the hostess of a pool party a small gift as a way to say thank you for throwing the party. Consider bringing the hostess a gift basket with pool-themed items, such as floats, beach towels and shampoo and conditioner. Another good idea is a potted plant that she can place in her pool area.