How to Surprise Someone In A Good Way


Surprises are good and they can be bad. Today I will be focusing on the good surprises. Most people like to be surprised sometimes. Getting a surprise can add a little spice to our mundane routine. The key to surprising someone in a good way, is good timing. Try these creative ideas, below.

When you are planning on surprising someone, you don't have to wait until it's a special occasion, such as, a birthday, or an anniversary. A surprise is mostly welcomed if it is well thought out and done genuinely from the heart.

When surprising someone, it doesn't have to be expensive gifts. A surprise can be as simple as, doing a favor for the person or saying a poem, written just for that person.

If you have a girlfriend who is feeling sad, lately. Plan a simple surprise to cheer her up. Another friend may be overwhelmed with taking care of the children, and juggling household chores. A simple surprise can even be, an offer to babysit the kids, so that she can get some time for herself. Surprises like these are really appreciated.

Children love good surprises. Plan to surprise them when they achieve something, such as good grades or if they mastered a skill. Surprises are also great to be used as encouragement. If your child is fascinated by animals, plan a surprise day at the zoo. Don't forget to bring a camera to snap that joyous moment.

You can even surprise yourself, by doing something you never knew you would do. That is the best surprise of all because you will always remember your achievement, and use it as a positive reinforcement. If you eventually reached one of your goals, don't just let it go without pampering yourself.