One Year Anniversary Ideas For a Girlfriend

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As your one-year anniversary with your girlfriend approaches, you should take some time to savor the momentous occasion. You should take even more time to get her something to commemorate it, because she may be looking forward to celebrating your first anniversary as much as you are—if not more. Planning the perfect romantic gift doesn't have to mean breaking the bank or even baring your soul—just showing a little appreciation.

Old Standbys

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If your girlfriend is a traditionalist, there is no shame in going with tried-and-true romantic gifts. Sure, you may feel unoriginal buying her flowers and chocolates, but it could be just what she needs to feel doted upon by her darling boyfriend. You can always spice up these classic gifts with unique spins, like giving her a chocolate for every day that you have been together, or exotic flowers instead of old fashioned red roses.

A Day of Firsts

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You can celebrate your anniversary with your girlfriend and the entire year that came before it by planning a series of gifts and surprises. Give your girlfriend mementos of your first year together—you could buy her a copy of the first movie you went to see, take her to the spot where you first met or first kissed and buy an LP with your first song on it. By planning gifts like these throughout the day, you demonstrate not only that you care enough about the occasion to go to the trouble, but also that you spent your first year together paying close attention.

A Romantic Getaway

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Your girlfriend many not care about material things such as jewelry or roses. Instead of showering her with gifts, try taking her somewhere special. A trip to a spa, a bed and breakfast or the beach could be a welcome surprise—not only does it allow you to commemorate your anniversary, but it gives you the opportunity to spend some quality time together in a new locale. An anniversary trip like this does not have to be traditional, either—perhaps your girlfriend loves camping in the wilderness, or has always wanted to take a trip to Burning Man in Nevada. Focus more on her personal interests and desires instead of what tradition dictates.

Budget Gifts

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If you don't have the means to plan an extravagant celebration, just making an effort can show your girlfriend how much the past year has meant to you. Clean her apartment, cook her a romantic dinner and burn a playlist of songs that you two have shared. By investing time and energy, not just money, into an anniversary gift, you display your commitment and compassion.