Ten Year Dating Anniversary Ideas

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The ten-year mark in any relationship is a milestone and should be celebrated accordingly. There are special gifts and activities that you might consider to acknowledge this important day. When planning a celebration for your ten-year anniversary, keep in mind your sweetheart's interests and the things that make him so special to you. Incorporate these things into your gifts or plans.


Gifts for your 10th anniversary should be thought out and hold a special meaning. They should reflect your significant other's interests and wants. Consider things like handcrafted or personalized gifts. Gifts handmade by you, one of a kind handcrafted gifts like a piece of art, or engraved pieces of jewelry are particularly meaningful things that your honey can look back on and remember exactly when you gave it to her. Other things to consider are more long-term gifts. If your man goes to the gym but complains about the equipment, you can get him a membership to a more exclusive gym with better amenities. If your girlfriend just got a new job and needs a handier phone, consider a new smartphone and offer to foot the bill for the extra expenses.


When planning a date for your 10th anniversary, steer away from familiar places and activities that you frequent. Your anniversary serves as a time to rekindle the flame in your relationship and to create new memories. Look into new restaurants to create fresh memories. For winter anniversaries, consider taking a trip to a remote area and holing up in a cabin for the weekend without distractions so that you and your partner can take time to rediscover each other. Conversation and time without distractions can go a long way. You might also consider doing something outrageous for your anniversary like sightseeing in a nearby metropolis or taking a helicopter ride over it. If you just don't have the money to do something extravagant, spend the day setting a romantic scene in your home by transforming it, and cook your honey a dinner the two of you haven't tried yet. Throw on the movie you watched on your first date or one of your favorites and open his favorite bottle of wine to set the mood.


Use your 10th anniversary as an opportunity to set resolutions for the future. You may either do these in person or simply write them in a card. Vow to cut out bad habits that your honey hates, or set new plans in motion. For example, if you've been planning to move in together but haven't made the jump yet, plan for moving forward with this by setting a goal date. Let your partner know that by this date you promise to have the two of you settled in your new place. Gestures like these will mean a lot to your significant other, and they are key to maintaining a healthy relationship.


Don't be afraid to ask your sweetheart's friends or family members for help in planning this special day. They may be able to clue you into something that your honey wants or needs, or point you in the direction of a certain restaurant that she's been dying to go to. If planning a trip or weekend away, be sure to clear the dates with your significant other first to avoid scheduling conflicts.