Romantic Birthday Dinner Ideas for a Husband

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Show your husband that you love him by planning a romantic dinner on his birthday. It does not have to be elaborate to be romantic, but you need to take his personality, likes and dislikes into account when making plans. You can surprise your husband or allow him to be part of the planning process, depending on your personality as a couple.

Dining Out

Take your husband out to his favorite restaurant for his birthday. Allow him to choose anywhere that he wants to go, even if it is not your favorite dining destination. This is about him, and he will find it romantic that you are willing to go out of your way to make him happy. Alternately, surprise him with dinner reservations at a new restaurant that he has been wanting to try or that you heard was good.

Surprise Trip

Plan a destination dinner to a romantic location out of town. Going to someplace different than your hometown is romantic because it is special and does not happen all the time. Plan to stay the night at a hotel or plan to drive home after dinner, depending on the distance of the destination. Research romantic restaurants by talking to friends and looking on the Internet. Choose a place that has good reviews and that is within your price range.

Dining In

Cook a romantic dinner at home for your husband, or order in if you are not a fan of cooking. By cooking the meal yourself you have control over the ingredients. Choose a few of his favorite foods, light candles and play soft music to create a romantic atmosphere. Select a nice bottle of wine to go along with the meal if you drink alcohol, and make sure that your children have a place to go so that you can be alone with your husband.

Other Ideas

Pack a picnic and take it to a romantic location in your area, such as a park, beach or hiking spot. Choose foods that your husband enjoys to make it special and enjoyable for him. Choose foods that are considered aphrodisiacs such as oysters and chocolate to set a romantic mood. Try eating in an unusual place, such as the living room floor or the bedroom. Be mindful of the things that your husband considers romantic rather than what you consider romantic, as they may be completely different.