How to Plan a Romantic Evening With Your Husband

Young couple holding hands at dinner table, side view

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You don't have to wait for a special occasion to spend a romantic evening with your husband. In fact, a "just because" evening is more special because it's not an event that requires celebration. Keeping up date nights is important to keep your relationship alive. If finances are a concern, don't strain the budget with extravagant food, wine or extras. Let the effort, not the cost, show him you care and keep your focus on enjoying each other's company.

Set a date that works for both of you. Anticipation is a big part of the romantic mood. You don’t have to divulge all the details; just tell your husband you’d like to do something special for him.

Arrange for your children, if you have them, to be out of the house. You might ask the grandparents to take the kids for an evening or maybe you can arrange an extended play date at a friend’s house. If you can make it an overnight event for them, it will keep you from having to watch the clock all evening.

Choose what you will wear. It should be something that is beautiful and flattering, but comfortable enough to allow you to move about with confidence. Consider wearing an outfit that brings back a special memory, like a dress you wore when you were dating or an ensemble connected to a special time you spent together.

Select menu items that you can prepare mostly in advance so you can talk with your husband during the final preparations rather than rushing around in a frenzy. Be sure to include one or more of his favorites in the line up. Draw up a shopping list and choose an upscale wine to complement the food.

Choose the background music that you will play to set the mood. Soft love songs or jazz music are good choices, or find songs that were popular when you were dating to bring back the memory of your early attraction. Make sure the music is relaxing.

Plan the lighting. Choose indirect, low wattage electric lighting and add candles for a romantic tone, but avoid placing candles all over the house. Use them on the table and perhaps in one other focal point. Beeswax candles are a better choice because they are natural and have a softer aroma than scented paraffin candles.

Plan a little surprise that says “I love you.” It could be a romantic card, a dessert with the phrase “I love you” displayed in icing or a poem you wrote to tell your husband how you feel about him.

Plan an after-dinner activity like watching a romantic movie, going out for ice cream or taking a quiet stroll together.

Buy a new lingerie item so you can surprise your husband with something he hasn’t seen before.