How to Ask My Husband on a Date

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Anyone who has been in a marriage understands that maintaining the integrity of the relationship is important. This can be done through communication and valuing your partner, but sometimes something as simple as bringing dating back to relationship can rekindle that sense of lost romance. There are many ways to ask your husband on a date, but some methods are more fun than others and can help to encourage mystery or the possibility of recurring dates well into the future.

Take some time and think about your husband's personality. Understanding what appeals to your husband should always be the first step when thinking about not only what sort of date he would like, but also what sort of environment he most appreciates. Mutual understanding of each others' likes and dislikes should help determine whether you will take a more silly, romantic or satirical approach to asking him on a date.

Find out your husband's schedule in advance, and plan to ask him on a day that seems relatively free of stress for both of you. Your date should be a fun experience, free from excessive daily stress. If you plan the data on a particularly hectic day, you risk it feeling like an added responsibility, which will undoubtedly suck the romance and variety out of the experience. If your husband is comfortable with spur of the moment plans, then you may want to just spring a date on him -- but not otherwise.

Call your husband when he is away from the home and ask him on a date like you would have when you were courting. This adds a bit of mystery and newness to the relationship that could be lacking. Give a window for possible date times and locations, role-playing a bit to make the experience more novel. You may want to call him at the office or leave a voice-mail or his cell phone, but either way it should feel slightly spontaneous.

Make arrangements for a babysitter if you have children. Planning ahead to keep the night clear is a good way to make the evening more stress-free, and also more relaxing for you both. Having the children taken care of will also remind you of your early dating life, before they entered the scene.

Act a bit coquettish after you have called your husband and asked for the date. Leave a reminder of your question lying somewhere around the house in the form of tickets to a movie, dinner reservation details on a slip of paper or hints about a special new outfit. This will not only help to raise the excitement level of the upcoming date, but will also help to bolster the mystery factor of your meeting.