How to Greet a First Date

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The first date is always a potentially awkward date, especially if you are meeting someone from the Internet for the first time or you are dating someone who you have only met recently. The greeting is the first impression you make on the first date and the wrong greeting can make the date sour quickly.

Pick up your date. If at all possible, men should pick up their date rather than meeting them at the restaurant or date venue. According to Phineas Mollod and Jason Tesauro, dating experts for, picking up your date is more gentlemanly.

Say “hello” and give your date a sincere compliment. For example, tell her that she looks lovely. This not only makes your date happy, but it also makes her feel appreciated and is a polite way to greet her.

Give a light kiss on the cheek or a hug. A kiss on the cheek or a hug is appropriate for a first date because it is more personal than a handshake. If your date seems uncomfortable or shies away, avoid the kiss or hug and offer an arm instead. This is both gentlemanly and personal without making your date feel like you are pushing her too far.