How to Match Your Date for the Prom

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For many students, prom night is one of the biggest events of the year. In addition to spending time with a special someone or a date, prom is a chance to dress formally and dance the night away without worrying about grades, work or parents. While it isn't important to completely match your date's entire outfit for prom, it is important to choreograph your outfits to complement each other without clashing. Taking the time to discuss outfits with your dates also shows that you value her opinion.

Talk to your date about what she plans to wear. Most of the time, the boy should match the girl, since guys have a more limited selection. Once you know what type and color dress she has, matching your date is simple.

Match the tuxedo to the dress. Tuxedos are traditionally black or white, but they also come in many other colors, patterns and styles. A classic black or white tuxedo is easy to match to nearly any color dress.

Choose accessories that complement each outfit and match each other. For example, if the girl wears a blue dress and the boy wears a black tuxedo, both should wear complementary colors for accessories. For men, that means a blue tie (traditional or bowtie), blue cummerbund or blue pocket square in the front left breast pocket of the tuxedo jacket. Girls shouldn't worry about matching jewelry; however, handbags, scarves or clutches should be the same color pattern as the boy's.

Buy matching or similarly-made corsages and boutonnieres for each other. The corsage is a small flower bracelet that goes on the female's wrist while the boutonniere is a small arrangement that is pinned to the boy's lapel. If you both choose the same type of major flower and color, you can't go wrong.

Ask your dress shop or formal wear store for assistance. When in doubt, professionals may have the answer.