How to Choose Flowers for a Baby Funeral

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The loss of a baby is a difficult circumstance to handle, regardless of whether the child was yours or belonged to a loved one. It is customary to send a small sympathy gift to the parents who have just lost a child, and flowers are a popular choice. If you are arranging the funeral, it is necessary to organize the floral arrangements that will be displayed at the ceremony and viewing. Choosing the right flowers for a baby's funeral is a sensitive task as different flower types and colors have different meanings.

Step 1

Choose the type of arrangement. Consider first the location where you are going to send the flowers. Send wreaths and casket sprays to the funeral home after checking with the funeral arranger. Send smaller bouquets and baskets to the home of the loved ones.

Step 2

Choose the size of arrangement you would like to order. Prices for each flower arrangement will vary with size; the most expensive arrangements will be the largest. Floral arrangements for infant and child funerals are usually smaller.

Step 3

Consider the various meanings of different flower species. Choose a species that acknowledges the traits possessed by a young child, such as purity, simplicity and gentleness. Examples include: white roses, which represent innocence; pink roses, gentility; calla lilies, beauty; pink lilacs, youthfulness; and white chrysanthemums, which represent truth. Forget-me-nots are also popular choices for funerals.

Step 4

Choose a color or arrangement of colors that represents the way in which the attendees of the funeral would like to remember the child. Traditionally, light pink and pale blue fit well for baby girls and boys, respectively. Pink flowers also represent joy, youth and innocence while blue conveys peace and serenity. White flowers embody purity and innocence. Bouquets of pastel or brightly colored flowers are also popular choices for infants.

Choose lavender when the loss is a young girl. Other colors and meanings are: white for purity and innocence; pink for youthful happiness; and blue for serenity.