What Do Boys Wear to a Winter Formal?

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Presenting a well-groomed and polished image at a winter formal does not need to mean wearing a boring black-and-white ensemble for the evening. Teenage boys can express an individual sense of style through color and accessories, while still adhering to school policies and coordinating with their date.


Depending on student tradition and school policy, semi-formal or even casual wear may be acceptable at a winter formal. Avoiding the typical blazer and tie may come as a relief for laid-back or cash-poor high school students. Incorporate well-fitting clothing elements into even a casual ensemble for a stylish appearance. Avoid overly baggy button-downs and untucked shirttails. Consider including a skinny tie, cardigan or pea coat in the outfit to emulate the appearance of a more formal outfit.


Including colorful elements in a winter formal ensemble can brighten the drab winter months. Guys can expand on the traditional formal wear ensemble of a black suit and white shirt by including bright elements aside from a colorful tie or boutonniere. Coordinate with your date to gain inspiration for a colorful scheme. Perfectly matching your date's dress can be expensive and is unnecessary. Communicate about obtaining a shirt, tie or cummerbund in a similar or complimentary shade range, according to your individual sense of style.


Carefully planned accessories can be among the easiest and cheapest ways for fashionable guys to express an individual sense of style at a formal event. Offset a formal suit with a favorite pair of shoes in a bright color. Ensure footwear is clean and lacks visible signs of wear. Though sunglasses are rarely a necessity at a winter formal, bright-colored frames can be a fun and inexpensive way to show style.


Careful grooming is key to appearing attractive and polished at the formal event. While it is important to avoid experimenting with new haircuts and colors right before a big event, schedule a haircut with a favorite stylist immediately prior to the event for a well-groomed look. Allot enough time for basic hygiene rituals, including a shower, shave and oral care. Avoid offending your date and others at the event by wearing too much cologne or body spray; a small spray will suffice.