How to Dress to Impress for a Lunch Date

Couple having a lunch in a restaurant

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Looking for an impressive outfit for a lunch date and beyond? Whether lunching during a work break or meeting on a leisurely day off, the objective is the same -- present an honest style statement with your comfort in mind. Struggling with uncomfortable underwear or a coping with a constrictive dress skirt can keep your mind off the important things, like getting to know your date. For a lunch date, you should look attractive without appearing overtly sexy.

Suggestions for Women

Wear a fun dress like a sheath or shift dress. Unlike a skirt, you don't have to worry about a dress hiking up or resting unevenly on your hips. A basic dress plus a few pieces of jewelry or a flattering belt looks trendy and impressive. A knee-length dress is appropriate for a casual or dressy lunch.

Choose jewelry suitable for daytime like a cuff bracelet or small dangling earrings. Don't wear too much jewelry. Avoid wearing club attire like large hoop or chandelier style earrings or a dozen clinking bracelets. For a lunch date, dressy casual is a good guideline to follow.

Pair your dress with a fitted jacket or shrug. Removing your jacket once he arrives is an impressive power move that suggests you're in to him.

Wear comfortable shoes like cute flats or a wedge with a low heel. Pay attention to your toe nails if you wear peek-a-boo shoes. Small details count. Finish your outfit with a light spritz of perfume. Do not go overboard with the scent though; many people have allergies.

Suggestions for Men

Select a pair of flat-front dress pants for the date. Stick with dark colors like navy blue, black or gray. Khaki pants also make a good choice for a daytime date.

Wear a V-neck shirt tucked into your pants. V-necks elongate the neck and make men look taller, more masculine. Choose a color that complements your slacks, like black, heather gray or light blue. If you prefer, wear a neat polo shirt with tan khakis.

Slide a thin black belt around your waist. Avoid over-tightening your belt. You want to be comfortable for your lunch date. If wearing brown pants, wear a leather belt.

Select shoes to match your shirt/pants combination. Loafers, boat shoes or even dress shoes are appropriate for a lunch date. Unless you are dining beach side, avoid wearing sandals or flip flops to your date. Finish your outfit with a single spray of your signature cologne.