How to Convince a Girl She's Beautiful

Thomas Northcut/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Just about every woman loves hearing that she’s beautiful, whether it’s from her parents, her boyfriend or even a stranger on the street. However, you may feel that no matter how much you compliment your girlfriend, she still doesn’t believe that she’s as beautiful as you think she is. She may simply want to hear you say it more or she could be struggling with a confidence problem. Either way, learn the art of complimenting her and boosting her self-esteem.

Choose a specific detail about your girl to compliment her on. Simply saying, “You’re beautiful” on a regular basis may eventually lose its meaning. Instead, pick out something specific such as her bright blue eyes, pearly smile or gorgeous figure. This will make her feel that you’re truly paying attention to her and not just sweet talking her.

Compliment her on her inner beauty as well as her outer beauty. Beauty isn’t skin deep, and a truly pretty face must have a beautiful soul too. Let your girl know what you love about her. For example, maybe she’s super intelligent, a wonderful friend or patient with children. Recognize these qualities to make her feel like a beautiful person, inside and out.

Vary your words. Saying, “You’re beautiful” over and over may not get through to her as well as something else would. Think hard and form the right words. You may even want to write them down and give her a letter expressing how you feel about her and why you find her to be beautiful. The more creative your delivery, the better.

Look your girl right in the eyes when you’re telling her she’s beautiful. Making direct eye contact will show her that you’re sincere. It will also present you as being confident in what you’re saying.