Things to Do on Your 14th Birthday

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Hosting a 14th birthday party for your young teen can be challenging because she is at the age where a birthday party in the home may seem too childlike. There are a number of ways you can give your young teen a more adult birthday party experience without forgetting she's still a child.

Zoo Party

Pack a birthday lunch and invite your teen daughter's friends out for a day at the zoo. A day spent looking at animals and taking in a show or two, culminating in a birthday picnic, can be a creative and fun birthday adventure for everyone involved.

Dinner Out

Take your 14-year-old and a select group of friends out to a fancy dinner where you will celebrate with a birthday cake served by the restaurant. This may be an especially good idea for a girl because it gives her and her friends an opportunity to dress up for the event.

Movie Night

Buy theater passes and gift cards and send your birthday child and his friends to the theater to enjoy a movie and movie treats, followed by cake and ice cream back at your house.

Skate Party

Many skating facilities offer birthday packages that include skate rental, special birthday skating events, cake and ice cream, and music customized for the birthday guest. A skate party for your teen and some close friends is enjoyable for the entire group.


Consider setting up a tent in the back yard and hosting a birthday camp-out sleepover. This is a good way to give your 14-year-old some freedom while still keeping an eye on the festivities.