Cool Birthday Ideas for 10 Year Olds

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When your child is turning the big one-zero, a special celebration is in order. While cake and presents are fine for other birthdays, this milestone calls for a bit more of a celebration. Going all out doesn't have to be expensive. There are cool ideas for a 10th birthday to fit every budget.

All Things Ten

Allow your child to invite 10 friends, relatives, or classmates to a sleepover. Throughout the night, think of everything in tens. For example, have 10 flavors of ice cream, play 10 games, have 10 types of food on the buffet and give the birthday child 10 gifts (large and small). To finish things off right, have the parents pick up their children at 10 a.m.

Take Them Out to the Ball Game

If you are fortunate enough to have a minor league baseball team in your area, attending a game can be a wonderful birthday occasion for a 10-year-old. While going to a major league game may get them up close to favorite players, a minor league park will usually be willing to flash the birthday child's name on the scoreboard and announce it over the loudspeaker.

Many of these parks even have dedicated areas for parties, and the game, food, drinks and a cake are included for one price. Some of the parks will let the birthday boy or girl go onto the field during a break in the game.

Hit the Road

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Taking your child to some very cool destination, such as Disneyland or Six Flags, is a terrific idea for a 10th birthday. If it's possible, let him choose one friend to come along. Celebrate the birthday with the traditional cake and a gift or two while you are away. It will make for a birthday your child will never forget.


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A bowling birthday party might seem like nothing special. But it is an inexpensive way to gather a group of the birthday child's friends together. Many bowling alleys have birthday packages that include pizza and soda for each child as well as a cake for the group. Many will even let you have one of the pins as a memento. The ten pin, perhaps?