Unique 13th Birthday Party Ideas

party image by Svetlin Rusev from Fotolia.com

Turning 13 is an exciting time for kids--even though they may still feel like children, they are beginning a new phase in their life as teenagers. A 13th-birthday party should include fun, but at a more sophisticated level. Kids this age enjoy being treated as young adults and so the party games and themes should fit this style.

Adventure Party

If the kids invited to the party are the adventurous type, a rock climbing party or river rafting party is sure to be a hit. For some kids, this may be the first time trying an activity like this; it is important to have adult supervision at all times. Tell guests to bring their own backpacks and have snacks and water bottles available for each kid to pack. After the planned activity, pick a spot outdoors to have the birthday cake.

Amusement Park Party

Plan a day at an amusement park for the birthday celebration. Most amusement parks have pavilions available for parties and get togethers. Call the park you choose ahead of time to find out of there is a fee for utilizing a pavilion. Most 13-year-olds will love having the freedom to wander through the park with friends. Set a time for all kids to return to the pavilion for food, presents and birthday cake, and then let them go back to having fun in the park.

Bonfire Party

Plan the birthday party for the evening. For the meal, grill burgers, hot dogs and chicken, and have snacks like chips, pretzels and popcorn. Once the sun sets and it gets dark out, start a bonfire and let the party guests sit by the bonfire and roast marshmallows or make s'mores. Teens will love just hanging out with friends, telling ghost stories and singing songs.

A Night Out

If your budget allows, rent a limo and take the birthday guy or girl and guests by limo to a fancy restaurant. This allows the teens to be grown-ups for an evening. Tell the guests to wear dressy clothes for a night out on the town. Depending on the restaurant you choose, you may even be able to have the presents and cake there after the meal.