How to Have a Photo Shoot Party

Funky fun or high fashion, any party catches an edge when costumes and cameras are involved. Whether you want to be goofy and make a silly album or dress up and do glamor shots, having a photo shoot party is a terrific way to have fun with friends.

Decide on a location for your party, whether a public place or inside your home. Figure out how much space you'll have. Make a list of friends you want to invite, keeping the space in mind because you want to be able to move around while photographing.

Look at your guest list and consider the personalities of your friends to determine what props and costumes you want to have available. Invite your friends and encourage them to bring their own accessories and makeup.

Hit the thrift store and buy hats, sunglasses, bracelets and whatever clothes you find to fit your theme.

Plan simple snacks that won't be too messy with the costumes.

Drape a sheet over a tall stand or hang it from a doorway to use as a backdrop and set aside a corner for makeup and costume changes. Choose background music that fits your theme.

Split into small groups when the guests arrive and help each other put on makeup and costumes. Take turns being the photographer and have fun taking single and group photos--don't forget to ask a parent to take some pictures (or learn how to use the camera with a timer) if you want to take a group shot with everyone in it.

Upload the pictures to your computer if you have a digital camera and make a slide show that you can burn onto a CD or DVD and send home with your guests.