Graduation Ball Ideas

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Graduations are a major milestone in any level of an educational career. This special time deserves a celebration. Putting on a graduation ball gives students a chance to come together in what will likely be one of their last times together as a group. The ball can also serve as a time for faculty and staff of the institution to honor the graduating class by assisting in the planning and execution of the dance.


While a general graduation theme may be enough for a ball, choosing an additional one can add flair and flavor to the event. A graduation ball could have any number of themes. Choose something that relates to the school, such as incorporating the mascot into the ball. You could have someone dress up as a mascot in a tuxedo to pose for pictures with the dance attendees, or select a more subtle approach such as using orange table runners with black stripes if the mascot is a tiger.


Decorations play an important role in setting the tone of an event. Regardless of how formal the event is, you can incorporate graduation-related items throughout the location of the ball. Hang balloons with school colors in the entryway and place bunches on the refreshment tables. Use cardboard cutouts with the graduation year printed on them. Graduation caps can be placed upside down with bowls of snacks inside each one. Tassels make good door hangers, or you could incorporate them into table centerpieces.

Remembering Good Times

Think of creative ways to incorporate remembrance of friends and the time spent together in school. You could give each person who attends the ball an autograph book for friends to write memories and well wishes to one another. Throughout the dance location, showcase framed photo collages of school events, like class trips, plays and sporting events. If your budget allows for it, place Polaroid cameras for guests to capture different moments at the ball. Another alternative would be to have a photo booth that prints pictures for graduates to bring home.


Let the graduates have a say in the type of music that gets played at the graduation ball. Before the event, take a poll where each attendee gets to select two or three favorite artists or songs. Use the results of the poll to gauge the most popular styles of music in the group, and find a DJ who can accommodate these types of request.