Team Building Activities for Family Counseling

Teen and Mom Meet Psychologist

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Life would be much easier if you could resolve conflicts as easily as sitcom families. Reality involves a lot more slamming doors, hurt feelings and misinterpreted communication, and you may not find a resolution in a 30-minute segment. Creative counseling strategies can help your family work toward respectful relationships and healthy ways to solve conflicts. Team building activities for family therapy help you work together, accept each person's strengths and weaknesses, and process feelings, so you can get back to a balanced family dynamic.

Map Out a Plan

Time is often an issue when kids are busy with school and parents are working. But time is crucial to reinforce family values. During therapy, families can etch out a calendar full of fun activities and responsibilities. Mark days when all of you can make a meal, complete yard work or take in a movie. Working together to create the calendar and responsibilities at home often fosters respect.

Toss the Ball

Launch a game of toss the ball with a positive twist to build trust and emphasize the value of teamwork. For five minutes, have each family member toss a ball while offering a compliment about the other person. After the time limit, launch the game again. This time, each family member should express what they would enjoy doing with the others. The game is designed to boost morale and trust, which can lead to stronger confidence and reliance.

Engage in Art Therapy

Create a masterpiece as a group with art and play-based activities during family counseling. Your family can draw a family portrait with each person adding a drawing to the final masterpiece. In addition, families can create a clay fixture, Play-Doh structure or build blocks with each person adding to the art project. When family members work together, they may feel less self-conscious about their contributions. The activity also teaches the importance of working together, waiting your turn and relying on each team member.

Family Q & A

In order to work as a team, families need to learn more about how each person thinks. Dig deep into the minds of your family with a question and answer game. Make a list of random questions, such as "If you were an animal, what would you be and why?" or "What is your ideal vacation and who would you bring?" Choose numbers to indicate which person answers each question or ask all members to volunteer answers to the same question. The activity is designed to help families tune into one another on an emotional level.