Bible Study Activities for Young Adults

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Young adults, like children, need time to socialize and get to know one another when they attend Bible study sessions. Playing games and participating in social activities either before or after a Bible study helps young adults develop deeper relationships within the Bible study group. The Bible study leader should plan an activity or game that enhances the Bible study material while allowing the young adults in attendance to satisfy the need to socialize.

Play Bible Trivia

Play Bible Trivia at the next Bible study gathering. Play before the Bible study begins as an icebreaker activity or play after the study session ends as a social activity before everyone leaves to go home. Play the game online or purchase the game in a Christian bookstore or a variety store. Enhance the Bible study lesson by creating a handmade version of the game that features questions related to the Bible study material. Write the questions and answers on index cards to ensure that every question relates to the Bible study content.

Play Bible Concentration

Play Bible Concentration. Create a handmade version of the game. Print out images of biblical characters and a matching biblical fact about that character. Glue the images onto index cards. Spread the game onto a table or floor and match the characters to the corresponding facts. Play the game in varying ways. Divide the room into two groups and have the groups compete against each other or have men compete against women. The Bible study leader may choose to hand-make a game that reinforces the Bible study material.

Act Out Bible Verses

Acting out Bible verses helps adults retain content material. Divide the group into two or three teams of two or three people each, depending on the number of people in attendance. Have one team act out a Bible verse taken from the Bible study content material. Ask the other two groups to guess the Bible verse. Award points to the team that guesses correctly. Give extra points if the team also knows the exact location of the Bible verse.

Bible Charades

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Play a game of Bible Charades. Have groups act out entire passages from the Bible such as Moses and the people of Israel crossing the Red Sea or Jesus' conversation with the woman at the well. Instruct the rest of the Bible study group to guess the Bible passage. The Bible study leader might wish to write particular passages related to the planned Bible study on index cards. Each group can draw a card which tells them which Bible study passage to act out.