How to Make Bible Trivia Games

Bible trivia games teach about Scripture in an engaging way. Trivia games are enjoyable for children and adults alike can enjoy Trivia games. They can be a fun introduction to a Sunday school lesson or church day camp. Trivia questions can be tailored to the target demographic to ensure that the game is not too easy or too difficult. You can use a variety of quiz and trivia formats to keep the game fresh and exciting across multiple meetings.

Brainstorm for appropriate content. Focus on content that is relevant to the players. Choose recognizable quotes and parables that make it easy for players to connect.

Consider the format, then create a game well-suited to your play group. Depending on the age and number of participants, you can find many different ways to run a Bible trivia game. If you only have a few people playing, develop a format that allows each player to be competitive and active throughout the game. This could include a customized board game or a mock game of Jeopardy.

Create a team-based trivia game for larger groups. Find a way to encourage teamwork and co-operation. This will allow quieter members of the group to have a role, and will ensure that everyone involved is participating. This might include a mock version of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" where players can work together to provide clues and support. Other options might include competitive group games such as "Red Rover" or other athletic events with a Bible trivia twist. Be creative when adding Bible trivia to existing games. Add in lightning round trivia sections for a chance to double scores. Have your teams represent different factions from the Bible such as Jews, Romans or Levites. This can help relate the struggles of Biblical cultures and bring home lessons about Biblical times.

Design cue cards for a quick and easy Bible trivia game. Write a multiple choice question on one side of an index card, and a set of possible answers on the back. Have players quiz each other using the cards, and reward winners with candy or small trinkets.