How to Play Baby Outburst Game for Baby Showers

Baby-shower Outburst, a game that has a tendency to become loud and lively, can serve as an effective icebreaker at your next shower. Outburst is modeled after the Family Feud game show, but encourages full team participation. Baby-shower Outburst requires a bit of preparation before the shower, but few supplies are needed to make up and play this list-based game.

Make a list of topics related to babies, such as toys, things in a crib, things in a diaper bag, and reasons babies cry. Write each topic at the top of a different index card. Make sure you have an even number of topics.

Come up with a list of 10 items that fall into each category and write them below the top on the respective index cards. For example, for the topic "baby toys," you might list rattle, teddy bear, teether, rubber ducky and so on. To make it more challenging, come up with a few obscure items for each topic.

Appoint a timekeeper and a scorekeeper, who will not play but help run the game. Divide the remaining guests into two teams. Give select members of each team a prepared index card. It doesn't matter if not everyone gets a card. Just make sure each team has half of the total number of cards.

Choose one team to go first, and have a person from the opposing team read the topic on its index card aloud. Members from the team that is going first should shout out answers associated with the topic. The person holding the card keeps track of how many correct responses (response corresponding to those written on the index card) are given in 30 seconds. The timekeeper announces when time is up. The scorekeeper records the points earned.

Ask a member of the team who has just played to read out the topic on her card. Now the other team has a chance to name items associated with the given topic. Again, a person holding the index card keeps track of correct answers and the timekeeper limits play to 30 seconds. The scorekeeper records the points earned.

Continue playing rounds of baby-shower Outburst until you have finished all the topics on index cards or until interest has waned. Add up the points each team has earned. The winning team is the one with the most points.