Bible Games for Women's Ministry Groups

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Women's ministry groups take seriously the need to study God's word and be women of faith and integrity. But growing in their faith isn't all about dry facts and figures. Learning about the Bible through games that coincide with the focus of the teaching for a given meeting helps women's ministry groups not only deepen their knowledge of God's Word, but do so while having fun.

Remember the Lyrics

On index cards, list familiar hymns and choruses used in the church. Add the first line of the song to the index card. Songs used might include “Up From the Grave He Arose,” “Joy to the World” and “The Old Rugged Cross.” In turn, each woman draws one of the index cards. She has one minute to sing the song. After a minute, start the music from a stereo or on a piano, and see how much more the woman can sing.

If she sings the first verse of the song correctly, she gets a point. If she knows other verses, she receives two points for every other verse sung correctly. If a woman cannot recall the verse, another woman can ask to try. If the second woman sings the song correctly, she'll receive the point.

Provide a prize for the woman with the most points at the end of the game, or play as teams.

Match Questions and Answers

This can serve as an icebreaker game. On index cards of one color write a set of Bible questions. On another set of a different color, write down a reference and answer for each question. Place the cards in separate baskets. Have each woman select a card from each basket. The women try to find the cards that matches the ones they drew. Those with the correct answers receive points.

What Biblical Story is This?

Divide the women into teams of four or five. Give each woman a situation from the Bible such as David and Bathsheba, Paul shipwrecked and bitten by a snake, Ruth going to Israel with her mother-in-law and Esther being hauled off to the palace of a foreign king. You can also leave the choice of story to each team, allowing them to choose a Biblical situation that best suits their group. Each team acts out its story, and other teams must guess what the story is.

Is It True?

Write down 20 “facts” from the Bible. Among the facts, add several statements that are not true. You might say, “The Bible is a collection of 66 books,” which is true. You might say, “The Bible was written by 25 educated men,” which is not. Print out the statements to pass out to the women. See how many figure out the false statements.