How to Make a "Jeopardy!" Game for a Bridal Shower

"Jeopardy!" is a classic TV game show. The rules are as follows: the game host states a sentence and the players respond with a question that matches the answer. For example, if the host were to say "This English King had six wives," the player could respond with, "Who is King Henry VIII?" Changing the questions to relate to the bride and groom would make this an entertaining game for a bridal shower. Being that this game is a classic TV game show, many will be familiar with the rules and excited to try the bridal shower version.

Think of categories to play in the game. Generally, there are six categories but more or less is perfectly fine. Categories can include personal topics about the bride, groom, the bride and groom's family and members of the wedding party. The topics can be more general, such as honeymoons, wedding planning, marriage issues, famous couples, wedding cakes starting a family, wedding history and more.

Write several statements and an appropriate answer in question form for each category. Whatever questions are chosen, make sure you research the correct answers. Statements can be something like, "The bride and groom do this every Friday night." Let's say the answer is ordering pizza and watching episodes of their favorite TV show, then an appropriate question form that the player would want to say is "What is ordering pizza and watching TV?"

Draw vertical lines on the large poster board with a marker to separate the number of chosen categories. Then, draw horizontal lines to indicate the prizes. Typically, there are five prizes in each category so that would mean the host would need 30 door prizes. The first row are the smallest prizes and they get bigger as they go down. You can modify this for more or less prizes depending on budgets and number of guests..

Write the names of the categories up top in the first horizontal row of boxes. Underneath each column, write the door prizes.

Decorate your "Jeopardy!" board with bridal decor.