Indoor Games for Church Youth Groups

Youth groups offer kids and teens the opportunity to join together in productive play. If you are charged with running one of these organizations for youths, you may find yourself constantly on the hunt for ways to keep your participants busy. Keep an extensive array of indoor games in mind to ensure kids can burn off their youthful energy even if the unrelenting weather traps you indoors.

Back to Back Spelling

Test your youth group members' skills, and engage them in quiet play by arranging a back to back spelling challenge. To arrange for this activity, write out simple words on index cards. Pair your youth group members up. Select two pairs to play per round. When the round begins, ask one player to serve as the writer in each duo. Pull a card out of the pile, and reveal the word to the writers. Tell them that, when you say go, they should write this word with their fingers on their partner's backs. Tell the individuals whose backs are being written on that when they know the word, they should yell it out, winning the round. Allow the winning team to go head to head with another team. To make this activity even more church-appropriate, write words that are religious in nature on the index cards.

Bible Word Scramble

Test your participants' word puzzle skills by arranging a Bible word scramble. To prepare for this activity, type out words from the Bible that your participants may be familiar with. Space the letters of each word so that you can easily cut them apart. Print out your words and clip the letters apart, keeping each word separate to ensure that it doesn't prove too challenging to participants. Place the letters in each word in an envelope. When game time comes, divide participants into teams and split the words between them, or allow them to work together to complete the challenge.

Balloon Keep Up

Get your youth group members up and moving with a balloon keep up game. Prepare for this activity by getting two balloons, each of a different color. Blow these balloons up. Divide your youth group members into two teams, and give each team one balloon. Challenge the youth group members to work together to keep their balloon in the air as long as possible without actually grabbing it, but instead by batting it back into the air as it approaches the floor. Reward the team that keeps their balloon up the longest with a special prize.

Blindfolded Pairs Race

Test your youth group members' communication skills by creating a blindfolded pairs race. To prepare for this activity, lay out some obstacles in your youth group room, putting a table across the center of the room and scattering some chairs about. When members arrive, ask them to select one group member to be blindfolded and led through a race. Select two teams to complete against each other. Blindfold the players who volunteered for that duty, then line the two competitors up at the starting line. Allow the non-blindfolded team members to call out directions to their blindfolded partners as their partners traverse the course. Reward the team who finishes the race first.