How to Play Buck Buck

How to Play Buck Buck. Sometimes called "Johnny Ride a Pony," the game of Buck Buck is a boisterous outdoor game perfect for the playground or picnic area. Most appropriate for kids of several age groups, it can be played with as many as 8 to 10 players.

Play Buck Buck

Divide all players evenly into two teams.

Play one variation of this game by having one player lean against a wall or wrap her arms around a tree. The other members of her team would then line up and wrap their arms around the waist of the person in front of them.

Take a running leap at the first team if you are on the second and try to jump on top of their backs as close to the first player as possible.

Wait for all members of your team to mount the "horse" and then yell "Buck Buck Ya Lousy Muck, How Many Fingers Have I Got Up 1,2,3,OR NONE" while holding up a number of fingers on one hand. If the opposite team guesses correctly, they should jump and try to buck you off their backs.

Try another variation of this game by making the object to make the "horse" collapse, as in the game "Red Rover." The team to collapse under the largest number of people is the winner.

Develop a strategy for where you place members of your team when you make up your horse. The strongest and biggest should be near the front, while smaller players should be at the end where they won't have to hold up as much weight.

Send your heaviest players first to break the "horse" if you are on the opposite team. Remember that the more weight they have to bear early on, the more likely the team is to collapse.

Play the "Red Rover" variation of this game by having both teams stand side by side on opposite ends of the playing field and clasp hands. Each team will take turns inviting members of the other team to come over and try to break their line by chanting, "Red Rover, Red Rover, Send Somebody Over!"