Carnival Game Names

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Carnivals are planned as fundraising events by several schools and churches every year. Besides rides, games will be among the many forms of entertainment to engage attendees. If you are part of the planning committee, incorporate an assortment of games that all ages can enjoy. You can start by creating a list of popular carnival game names.

Duck Pond

The duck pond is suitable for young children and older players who lack the skills for complicated games, as there are no winners or losers in this game. The game is constructed by filling a wading pool with a small amount of water and placing numbered rubber ducks on top. Numbered prizes of various sizes are displayed on a nearby table. Each player gets the chance to randomly pick a duck from the water and will receive the prize that corresponds with the number on the bottom of the duck.

Bean Bag Toss

The bean bag toss remains a traditional favorite due to its simplicity for players. The game is constructed by first making a target board from plywood. A hole is created in the center enabling players to throw bean bags through. The outer part of the plywood is commonly painted to resemble an animal or clown and the hole will be its mouth. A player stands a few feet away and gets three chances to correctly throw a bean bag through the hole. If he is able to correctly throw the bean bags into the hole two out of three times, he wins.

Mouse Holes

The game Mouse Holes allows young and old players to participate in a game parallel to miniature golf. To construct the game, an empty cardboard box is turned over and three holes, varying in size, are cut at the bottom to resemble mouse holes. Different point values are assigned to each hole with the smaller hole having the greatest value. Balls are rolled, one at a time, by each player as an attempt to get one in the hole. Depending on the hole's point value, a prize is awarded to a player if he is able to get the ball in a hole.

Guess the Weight

Guess the Weight is a non-active game that allows players to use their estimation abilities. A heavy object such as a brick is weighted beforehand and placed on a display table. Players come to the table and attempt to guess the weight of the object. If the player is able to guess the correct weight of the item, he is rewarded a small prize. For a different approach, players write their name and guess down on pieces of paper and stick them in a jar. A prize is awarded to the person who has the closest guess.

Lollipop Tree

The lollipop tree game provides players with both a sweet treat and a prize. Three different colored markers are used to dot the ends of lollipop sticks. The lollipops are placed in a polystyrene ball for players to pick. Prizes are placed in three different bags corresponding to the colors on the bottom of the lollipop stick. Players pick a lollipop to eat and look at the stick to see what bag they can choose a prize from.