Pokemon Party Games

Elementary-school age children will enjoy themed party games featuring Pokemon characters like Pikachu, Piplup and Chimchar. Organize Pokemon party games to test the children's knowledge of the characters or incorporate the creatures into challenging party contests of skill or luck.

Guess the Pokemon

Find out which guest knows the most about Pokemon characteristics with an ice breaker party game. Place a piece of paper with the name of one Pokemon on each child’s back. Let the kids ask other guests yes or no questions to help determine the identity of the Pokemon. If a child guesses correctly, give him another piece of paper and continue the game. Give gifts to the kids who have the most slips of paper at the end of the game. Let any children who are unfamiliar with Pokemon characters hand out the labels or tally the results and give them small prizes for helping.

Pokemon Trivia

Create a quiz using your child’s Pokemon books and game guides. Test the guests’ knowledge of different Pokemon, types of attacks, Pokemon regions, trainers and accessories. Divide the group into teams and include one or two questions that the children can answer with simple spelling or math to give the ones who aren’t as experienced with Pokemon a chance to contribute.

Search the Sinnoh Region

Turn your backyard or living room into the Pokemon universe’s Sinnoh Region where each guest will need to find as many Pokemon as he can in one minute. Buy 10 to 20 small Pokemon figurines and hide them beside furniture, under pillows, in the grass or behind trees depending on the game location. If two guests find the same amount, hold a tie breaker by asking questions about different Pokemon games or trainers like Ash and Brock.

Pass the Pokeball

Devise a Pokemon-themed version of “Hot Potato” by using a plastic, red-and-white Pokeball. Instruct the kids to stand and pass the ball from person to person as you play a Pokemon theme song or selections from a Pokemon movie soundtrack. When the music stops, the child holding the ball must sit down. Continue the game until only one child is still standing. Award prizes to the “top Pokemon trainers” in the game.

Pokemon Ring Toss

Help party guests “catch” favorite Pokemon with a party game idea that features Pokemon stuffed animals or large plastic figurines. Arrange the Pokemon in rows outdoors or on a hallway staircase. Give players red and white plastic rings and 10 chances to toss them onto the Pokemon. Let younger guests stand closer to the stuffed animals and consider tacking the toys down with strips of double-stick tape if they’re frequently tipping over.