Disney's Aladdin Activities

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Disney’s movie “Aladdin” lends itself to enjoyable activities for entertaining party activities due to the zany costumes and eccentric characters. Aladdin activities work well for a birthday party or in the classroom if students recently watched the movie together.

Dress Up

Dress up in Arabian-type clothing to make the day of activities more authentic. Provide costumes at the party, or ask guests to arrive dressed up appropriately for the occasion. If you choose to let kids dress up at your place, provide several vests, scarves, large gold costume jewelry pieces and flowing tunics like those that were worn by characters in the “Aladdin” movie.

Find the Treasure

Bury a plastic magic lamp in a sandbox and let the kids dig through the sand to find the lamp. Make the activity more difficult by burying several lamps of different colors, but only award a prize to the person who locates the correct golden lamp. Consider adding plastic coins in the sand too, and awarding points to the child who finds the most buried treasure in the sand.

Flying Carpet Race

Although you don’t have actual magic flying carpets, you can pull the kids around the yard or field quickly. Host a carpet race by timing kids pulling each other around the yard, by letting two kids compete pulling friends around the yard or by timing teams pulling carpet riders.

Steal the Apple

Throughout the “Aladdin” movie, the main character and his monkey friend steal apples. Alter the classic game “steal the bacon” or “where’s your bone?” by placing a plastic or fabric apple underneath a chair and letting someone pretend to be the palace guard. Let the kids try stealing the apple without the guard's knowing when it’s stolen, and then let him guess who stole the apple. Give the guard three chances to guess who stole the apple, and award points for guards who guess correctly the first time.

Guess That Girl

Girls in the movie, and throughout the Arabian culture, frequently wear veils over their face that only reveal their eyes. Conduct a guessing contest where girls are completely covered up except for their eyes. Then see if the boys at the party or in the class can identify the girls only by seeing their eyes. Use sheets, towels or thick scarves to cover the girls up.