Fun Two Person Sleepover Ideas

Sleepovers are a great way for friends to get together, talk, play and have fun until the wee hours of the morning. When the party consists of only two kids, games and activities that accommodate little groups ensure that the sleepover is big fun despite small numbers.

Pig Out

Mass consumption of junk food is a staple of slumber party activities. Kids can bake cupcakes together or, if baking is too advanced, assist an adult. For a better pig-out experience, set up an indoor picnic for the kids. Girls can even enjoy a tea party, complete with dolls to fill out the group.


Dress-up can be a silly, fun way to spend time at a slumber party. Gather together any old clothing and costume pieces, jewelry and shoes. The wilder and more outlandish, the better. If it’s okay with the grown-ups, have them do each others' hair and make-up, then follow it up with a fashion show.


Whether a karaoke machine or CD is used or kids simply wail along with the radio, a sing-along is a fun way to cut loose and make some noise. Kids can rock out to karaoke or band video games. Encourage them to sing duets or get inventive and make their own lyrics to songs.

Tell Stories

From ghost stories to princess tales, telling each other stories is a good way to entertain kids. Make a contest to see who can tell the funniest or scariest story, and have the two act out the dramatic parts. For younger kids, adults can read a story to prep them for bedtime.


There are a plethora of games for kids to play during slumber parties. Board games are a great place to start and can easily be played by as few as two children. Teach the kids how to play poker and use stickers or party favors for betting, though adults should make sure no one gets left out or is without prizes. Older kids can play truth or dare, or if they want something scarier, they can explore urban legends like Bloody Mary, wherein the kids go into a dark bathroom and chant “Bloody Mary” 13 times to try and summon a ghost.