Dynamics Games for Christian Youth

In a youth group or a Christian school, leaders teach the ideals of living a Christian life. Instead of just lecturing to the group, use some dynamic games to engage them in the subject matter and to create an appropriate, invigorating learning experience for them.

Emphasizing Bad Choices

Divide youths up into two or more teams, depending on how many of them there are. Ask them trivia questions about recently covered topics, passages from the Bible or Christian living. If they get the question right, they receive a point. However, if they get a question wrong, they must eat a surprise from a bag. Put strange mixture of items in each bag, such as a peanut butter and pickle sandwich or a handful of saltines. Check for allergies before playing.


Create a series of games over a month-long span in which students compete in teams. Intertwine traditional recreational activities with ones that exemplify Christian living. Award one point to a team for each hour spent volunteering at a soup kitchen or animal shelter. Have an afternoon of Bible trivia, where teams earn points for each correct answer. Host sporting events where the winning team earns one point. Start off the Olympics with a group mass and/or a prayer session, either in the Church or somewhere outdoors.

Word Association

Have the students sit in a circle facing one another so everyone can hear each other clearly. Call out a word associated with the Christian religion such as "charity," "love" or "salvation." Tell one youth to say the first word that comes to his mind. Going counterclockwise around the circle, ask each person to respond to the word that the person before him says. Write down all the words as they are said, and use them to teach about the meaning of the initial word.

Music Games

Play small selections of several songs from Church in a row and have students guess what song you are playing. You could do the same with songs from Christian rock groups. After students have guessed all of the songs, ask what similarities the songs share. Write the list on a board. Use this list to lead into a discussion about how songs in the Christian faith are constructed.