Fun & Spiritual Programs for a Young Women's Church Group

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Young women join church groups so that they can become friends with other individuals who share their same beliefs and to further develop their faith. Weave some spiritual and entertaining activities into their group meetings to deeply enhance the participants' study of their religion.

Health Awareness

Discuss the importance of keeping a healthy body, as a homage to God for giving them one. Have a nurse or a doctor come to meeting to discuss specific aspects of women's health. Everyone can participate in an exercise video together or go for a walk around the block. At the end of the meeting, serve healthy snacks to the group. Some suggestions are fruits and vegetables with yogurt dip, as well as plenty of bottles of water.


Find a retreat in your area that the ladies can go to for a weekend or even a few days during the week. Set aside time for both personal devotion and group prayer and church sessions. You could have a theme to your retreat. For example, you could create programs devoted to teaching what it means to be a modern Christian woman. Another option is to have Christmas or Easter themed retreats, where women learn, bake and socialize.

Coffee and Praise

Create a setting that evokes a poetry slam. Bring in different flavors of coffee, as well as an espresso or specialty coffee maker if possible. Instead of reading secular poetry, each lady can get up in front of the group and read her favorite Bible passage or Bible verse. The ladies can also write or bring poems/short stories that praise God. After some readings, a group discussion about what they mean can ensue.

Musical Groups

You might incorporate music into just one of your settings, or the musical group could be a spin off of the church group. Find out what musical instruments people in the group play or who loves to sing. Allow other individuals to write lyrics or even to create costumes for a show. Sing devotional songs from the missal or that group members have written. Some ladies might want to put on a show for the community or rest of the church.