Christian Team Building Activities

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Christian Team Building Activities are an effective and fun way to help build a rapport in a church group or to reinforce values. Team building can include teenagers, adults or a combination of both. Taking the time to facilitate such activities will help groups work together and keep your organization running cohesively.

Bible Verse Hunt

Instead of a scavenger hunt where a team goes off looking for items, reinforce the idea that answers can be found in the Bible. Have participants work on groups of three to five people. Give each group a Bible. Then give each group a list of clues that line up with a specific Bible verse. Mix up the list--give a few freebies by making some of the clues difficult to get wrong! Give each group 30 minutes to find all of the Bible verses and turn in their paper.

What Would Jesus Do?

Divide the group in two. Have a few participants stay off of teams and work as facilitators for this exercise. The object of the activity is to do whatever Jesus would do in the scenario presented. In each scenario the facilitators present a scene or situation and one person from each team reacts to the situation as they believe Jesus would. The head facilitator will decide which team gets a point for behaving as Jesus would.

Serving Others

Doing for others is an important facet of Christian teachings. Take your Christian group off-site and to a location where you can serve others. Some good choices are feeding the homeless, building homes with Habitat for Humanity or putting on a fundraiser where the money will go to charity. Your group will be able to practice delegating tasks, working together and seeing how the efforts of one group can have a large impact on someone's life.