Games to Improve Family Relationships

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Family bonding time is important to maintain close relationships among family members. Common bonding activities for families are to hold yearly reunions and picnics. Incorporate entertaining games for the young and the young at heart at your next family event as a fun way to strengthen and improve family relationships.

Candy Introduction Game

Purchase a large bag of bite-sized candy such as chocolates or jelly beans. Allow each family member to reach into the bag and get as much candy as they want. Tell them that the candy cannot be eaten just yet. For each piece of candy taken, the family member must tell an interesting fact about himself that others do not know. For example, if a person takes 10 candies, he must tell 10 facts. Instead of candy, toilet paper can also be used. Family members would then tear off as many pieces as they want and tell a fact for each piece.

Three-Legged Racing

Create a starting and finishing line in an open space or yard. Gather several short pieces of rope. Tell family members to divide into teams of two. Provide each team with a piece of rope. Have one team member tie his or her left leg to the right leg of the other team member. On the words "go!" each team must race to the finish line. The first team to reach the finish line wins the race.

Family Treasure Hunt

Create a list of 10 or more items found in nature, such as a yellow daffodil, smooth stone or brown stick. Make several copies. Give out copies and pencils and divide family members into equal teams. Provide each team with a large bag. Teams must collect the objects and mark it off on their list. The first team to collect all the items and complete the list wins the game. For a different approach try a picnic cleanup. Make a list of common trash items like paper plates and can sodas for teams to find.

Human Knot Game

Have all family members stand in a large circle. Each player must hold hands with someone in the circle but it cannot be the players standing directly beside them. Without letting go of hands, players must try to untangle the knot by bending, twisting and turning. This game ideally works best for groups of 8 to 10 players. For a more unique approach, some players can be blindfolded during the process which makes the game more difficult.