How to Make a Snowflake Costume

snowflakes on plants image by air from

Few things are prettier than softly falling snowflakes glistening in the daylight. Creating a snowflake costume is a wonderful way to capture that magical spirit of winter for Christmas or holiday pageants; it can also work for Halloween. With some basic materials and a little imagination, you or your child can make a costume that’s just as unique as each of those snowflakes.

Fold a giant piece of newspaper or wrapping paper in half to form a triangle. The paper should be at least as large as the person’s body, so tape multiple pieces of paper together if needed. Fold the triangle two more times. Then fold the triangle into the shape of a cone.

Cut the top of the cone off in a very large arch. Then cut out small half circles, triangles and other shapes from the edges of your paper cone. When finished, open up the paper to reveal your giant snowflake template.

Place the snowflake template onto the cardboard and use it to draw an outline of your snowflake in pencil. Cut the snowflake design out. Repeat this on another piece of cardboard so you have two identical snowflake shapes.

Take the snowflakes outside. Paint the snowflakes in one coat of blue paint. Allow the paint to dry for one hour. Paint the snowflakes with one coat of white paint over the blue paint. Allow the coat to dry for one hour. Paint the snowflakes with one last coat of glitter paint to simulate a sparkling snowflake.

Flip the snowflakes over and paint the other side. Make sure to paint the sides of the cardboard as well. Allow the snowflakes to dry for one hour per coat of paint.

Punch two holes in each side of both snowflakes with a hole punch. Punch through the cardboard so that the holes sit across the shoulders. Thread a piece of elastic between both sides of the cardboard snowflakes and knot the ends. The snowflakes should sit over the shoulders like a sandwich board.

Put on a white shirt and pants. Wear white shoes and socks. Decorate your face and hair with glitter paint to enhance the glittery, snowy appearance.